Hello! My name is Sara. I was born on the 9th of october 1993 in Norway. I have recently graduated from high school, after finishing a 3 years course of general subjects. I love to travel, and that’s probably why I have chosen  to take a year off, before I continue my studying, to see the world and live out my dreams.

In January 2012, me and three of my girlfriends, made the biggest decision of our lives! We decided to rent an apartment for two whole months, on the Upper East side, New York City! The trip was absolutely amazing, and we had the time of our lives!

This year I will spend my time travelling and working to save up the money for the travelling – but also for my collegeplans in Santa Barbara, California autumn 2013.

This is not entirely a fashionblog, although the name may makes it sound like it. But I’m really intrested in fashion, and few things inspire me more. I love to dress up and feel fashionable, and I want to inspire my readers by sharing my style and my inspirations!

I will be blogging (for now) in Norwegian, and I hope to encourage people to follow THEIR dreams, and live life to the fullst!



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  1. ingrid s west sa:

    You’re going to have a wonderful adventure. Be safe!

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